Sunstone Aroma

Wearable Nature

How do I find my wrist size?

Take a string and wrap it around your wrist allowing for comfort. Using a ruler measure the string size in inches.

How do I add Essential Oils to my jewellery?

Place jewellery onto a towel, add a drop to the black lava stone, allow to sit for a few minutes than roll off any excess and now it’s ready to wear.

How long will the Essential Oil smell last?

It will naturally evaporate off, depending on the oil anywhere from 1-3 days. Re-apply or add a different oil, no need to wash it.

What is the bracelet made out of?

Gemstones, sterling silver and strong stretch elastic.

How does the gemstones energy work?

With intension. Each gemstone has its own energetic properties. Sit with your jewellery and set an intension and the stones will assist you.