Sunstone Aroma

Wearable Nature

I am passionate about creating 100% natural products using quality ingredients with therapeutic Essential Oils.  All the products are created and made by me, Jennifer Ursell a registered Aromatherapist. I love creating a pop up shop at summer and winter markets on Vancouver Island.  I create all sorts of body care products, perfume roll ons, organic whipped Shea body butters, facial care for women and men to name a few.  

Eco Soya Wax Candles are made with non-GMO soy wax and only use Essential Oils, no synthetic fragrances.  

100% Felted Wool Dryer Balls are made with local wool and up-cycled wool sweaters.  They can help reduce your drying time up to 30% and you don't need fabric softener or dryer sheets, add Lavender to each ball to lightly scent your laundry.

Aromatherapy diffuser jewelry is an excellent way to use Essentials Oils if your not wanting to put them directly on your skin.  Inhale the aroma to help alleviate stress, wear as a perfume or help combat a cold.

Essential Oils can be a safe and natural alternative by assisting the body's own self healing. 

All Products are made in small batches to insure quality.  Essential Oils are blended for each product to treat body, mind and spirit aroma-therapeutically.

Products are sold on my online shop as well at Health Essential Supplements, Soulful in Victoria, Soulful Sister in Langford, Sante Spa in Bear Mountain and Wildflower Mercantile Boutique in Courtenay.